Easter School Party Ideas

Great Tips for a Hippity-Hoppity Good Time!

Children love Easter. The colorful eggs, pastel candy, cute baby bunnies, and sweet little chicks make the Easter season fun for kids of all ages. Easter also marks the beginning of spring, which means that the kids are gearing up for spring break. Help them celebrate this time of year by throwing an Easter bash they wont forget. Here are some great Easter school party ideas that are both fun and easy to create.

Have an Easter Egg Hunt

Let each child decorate three or six plastic eggs with stickers and paints. Hide trinkets or candy in a few of the eggs and hide them outside, or send the kids to the hall and hide them in the classroom. Let the kids go crazy finding the hidden treasures.

Pin the Tail on Peter Cottontail

Draw an outline of a large bunny. There is no need to draw a face on the bunny because the outline is of the bunnys backside. Glue 10 cotton balls together with hot glue to create a cotton tail. Make as many tails as there are students. Tape the bunny outline on a wall. Have all of the students line up and blindfold the first child in line. Add a Glue Dot (you can find these in hobby stores) to one of the bunny tails and have the child stick the tail as close to the behind of the bunny as they can. Repeat this step with each child. The child that comes closest to sticking the tail in the right spot wins.

Break the Eggs

Blow up several brightly colored balloons. Line the kids up into two equal groups and hand each child a balloon egg. On the opposite side of the room, line up two chairs. Have each child run to their chair and sit on their egg to break it. The team to break all of their eggs first, wins.

Make Easter Baskets

Have each child decorate his or her own mini Easter basket to bring their goodies home in. Attach a helium filled balloon to each childs basket to send them off on spring break in style.

While the kids are having fun, be sure to set out yummy snacks such as deviled eggs, Easter egg cookies, mini ham sandwiches, jelly beans and a punch made with raspberry sherbet and lemon-lime soda.