End of School Party Ideas

No More Pencils, No More Books!

Finally, the last day of school has arrived. The kids are excited about a summer filled with lazy days and, most importantly, no homework. Start the summer off with a bang by throwing a block party for all of the neighborhood kids (and parents). Below are some great end of school party ideas that will have your kids primed for summer in no time!

Every summer party needs barbequed hamburgers and hot dogs, so be sure to have plenty on hand. Do not forget to add an array of chips, dip, potato salad and soda to enhance the summer feeling.

Buy lots of cheap squirt guns and water balloons for hours of wet fun for all ages. Not only do kids love water fights, but when they are done, they can take the left over balloons and squirt guns home as party favors.

If you are ambitious and have the room, set up an obstacle course around your yard and have a survivor themed party. You could take this idea even further by providing gross foods such as sardines and pickled pigs feet. The person who completes each obstacle, including eating the gross food, wins a prize. This will probably be more popular with older kids.

For little kids, bobbing for apples is a fun way of cooling off and if it is done outside, there is little mess to clean up afterwards!

Let the kids make their own ice cream by adding pre-made ice cream mixture and a little cream in a plastic zipper bag. In a larger bag, add ice and rock salt. Add the smaller bag to the bag with ice and zip shut. Let the kids shake the bag for about 5 minutes until real ice cream appears. Give each child a plastic spoon and let them eat right out of the bag!

End the party with a spark by placing sparklers on a beautiful cake as night is falling. What a great way to mark the beginning of the season that the kids have been waiting for all year long!