Holiday Celebrations Top the List of School Party Ideas

School party ideas often use holiday themes successfully.

So youre thinking about school party ideas that are simple, popular and fun to put together? Winter holiday parties often top the list

Because not all children celebrate Christmas, its common in the public schools for Christmas parties to be called holiday parties and these are often a way for children to be introduced to the cultures and traditions of their classmates families.

But the real fun part of these holiday parties are the crafts. Most children love to make holiday crafts and there are many ways you can do crafts that meet the needs of a wide variety of cultures.

For instance, if you choose a snowman-themed holiday party, make snowmen out of doughnuts. You simply stack a powdered sugar doughnut hole on top of a small powdered sugar doughnut. Use decorators gel to make a nose, eyes and mouth. You can even get more creative and make a hat out of chocolate.

Ok, so maybe your school is one of those schools that have adopted a wellness policy and doughnut snowmen will be frowned on. How about mini bagel wreaths instead? Simply spread mini bagels with cream cheese and then sprinkle them with small pieces of green, red and yellow peppers.

Kids of all ages enjoy making ornaments. Even if there are children who dont celebrate with a Christmas tree, this is a fun project. Ornaments can be hung from doors, at windows and on bulletin boards. Make sure you keep the focus off Christmas and on the holidays instead. They also make great gifts.

One popular and easy ornament to make is a painted glass ball. Buy some clear glass ornaments, which come not just in ball shapes, but in star and teardrop shapes, and some acrylic paint.

The children will put a small amount of paint in the ornaments (metallic or pearlized paint is particularly pretty) and roll it around until the paint covers the inside of the ornament.

Let the excess paint pour out. When dry, attach a pretty ribbon. Kids are always proud of these.

If you spend a bit of time preparing for your school holiday party, you can keep everyone well entertained.