School Party Ideas for the Harvest Season

School party ideas benefit from an injection of a harvest theme each year.

One season thats fun to celebrate in school is harvest. From apples to pumpkins, kids love learning about the annual harvest. Its one of the best school party ideas we know of.

How do you celebrate harvest in the school setting? You plan a party, and make a full day of it. Of course, field trips are always popular this time of year, with pumpkin patches and apple orchards topping the list of destinations. But a classroom or school-wide party is also a great (and less expensive) way to celebrate the season.

To make this party work, you need the right colors to decorate with such as red, orange, and yellow and you need the right items to accent those colors with like scarecrows, haystacks and bushels of apples.

Once you have your party site decorated, you need activities. Apple bobbing is a fun activity, but not for all children. Many balk at having to stick their faces in water. How about musical chairs, but played with haystacks? Make sure the music is in keeping with the theme (Jimmy Cracked Corn anyone?).

Other games you might play for your school party include a corn husking race, where children race to see which of them can shuck an ear of corn the fastest, or a scarecrow contest where you provide all the makings for a scarecrow and have teams of kids race to see who can build their scarecrow first.

You have to provide food at any party, and a delicious harvest party is no exception. There are of course obvious choices like anything with apples or pumpkins, or a mix of both. But you can also serve trail mix, pie, or even corn chowder, which might be a good use for all the corn the children shucked in their race.

Having a harvest party is a great way to have fun in a changing season and educate kids a bit about how they get their food. Its also a great excuse for eating caramel apples.