School Party Ideas: Fun and Games

Here are some school party ideas that will occupy students of different ages for varying periods of time.

Many times during the course of the school year, classes hold parties to celebrate birthdays, for selling the most fundraising items, or to celebrate holidays. After kids eat various party foods, they often like to play games or participate in other fun activities. Here are some school party ideas that will occupy students of different ages for varying periods of time.

Very young children enjoy repetition and tend to do best with non-competitive games. Ring Around the Rosy is familiar to almost all preschoolers. Another game for this age group is London Bridge. While singing the song, two adults make a bridge with their arms for the children to pass under. When the time comes to take the key and lock her (or him) up, they lower their arms and trap whichever child is under the bridge at the time. Aside from organized games, young children also love to dance to music or make their own music with real or makeshift instruments.

Elementary age children often get a kick out of scavenger hunts and obstacle courses. For quieter fun, one might try playing Telephone. In this game, the children sit in a line. The first person whispers a sentence in the next persons ear. The message is whispered down the line, and the last child announces what he heard. Often the results are very surprising and amusing. BINGO and Musical Chairs are also great indoor activities that appeal to this age group.

Upper elementary and middle school students enjoy simply being allowed to hang out and chat with their friends, especially if music or a movie is playing. If more structure is desired, a game of 20 Questions can be fun, and twenty questions pass by quickly with a large group of pre-teens! With some preparation beforehand, a baby photo-guessing contest might be appreciated. Ask the kids to bring in photos of themselves as babies or toddlers. Number and display the photos on a bulletin board, and have everyone fill out a numbered sheet, guessing which baby grew into which child. Expect lots of giggling with this game!

With a little planning and a good sense of humor, a school party can be a rousing good time for teachers, parents, and students alike!