School Party Ideas That Wont Break the Bank

Use a budget and still have great school party ideas ready to go.

If you plan school or classroom parties, you know that it can get expensive. Craft projects, food items, decorationsits all difficult to get a handle on.

There are many ways however, to come up with school party ideas without breaking the bank. Its all about planning and preparation.

First, if you know that you will be putting on, say, a Valentines Day party, save anything red at Christmas. Save the red Hersheys Kiss candies (keep them in the freezer), the red ribbon, the red cups and plates. Anything that you think you can parlay in usefulness at Valentines Daysave.

Do this for any party that you know will be coming up. If you give your child a Hawaiian-themed birthday party and you have a lot of orange crepe paper and streamers left over. Those can be used for a Halloween classroom party later in the year.

If you plan like this, you can get to a point where you dont have to purchase much for each school party you plan.

What do you do with all your odds and ends? This is where the preparation comes into play. You have to get creative. If you end up with a large freezer bag full of red Hershey Kiss candies, you might have a guessing jar and whoever guesses how many kisses are in a jar gets the jar (or some other prize). Maybe you teach the children how to make little mice out of the candy, or you use the red candies as markers in a game of Valentines Day bingo.

The key here is really to plan ahead by always having those upcoming class parties in mind, and then being creative when putting the party together. You save items, and then you use your noggin to create fun activities with the items you have saved.

If you do plan and save things, and work on coming up with creative uses for those things, you can save a good deal of money. And that is always welcome at school.