School Party Ideas to Celebrate the Seasons

Use seasonal themes to generate school party ideas that will suit all children.

In elementary school, some of the most common lessons surround the seasons watching the leaves change color in the fall, enjoying the rebirth of everything in the spring. Turning those seasonal changes into school party ideas is simple.

To have a school party that surrounds the season, you need to plan ahead. In some areas, fall arrives right on schedule, just after Labor Day, while in other areas it might not feel like fall until November. Its best to time the school party so it meshes with when the season is actually changing in your neck of the woods, not based on what the calendar or almanac says.


For autumn, your school or class party might center on the apple harvest. You can plan an apple bobbing party, or you can simply serve apples and caramel dip in the class. You might plan a party in an apple orchard or use apples to stamp paint on tote bags.


Even if you dont live in an area where it snows, snowmen and snowballs and everything else snow are often the topics of winter parties. Consider having a class party with snow as the theme.

Whats fun about a snow theme in the school setting is you can create lesson plans relating to this theme. You might learn about how snow forms (science), in what areas of the world it snows year round (social studies), and then create a fun party at the end of the unit to celebrate everything the children have learned.


A common theme for class parties and activities is anything spring. From planting flowers to watching caterpillars turn into butterflies, this is an ideal season with which to create fun parties.

Remember when planning spring themed class parties to bring in the outdoors as much as possible. Even if its still cold, you can decorate with spring flowers (even if fake), make a pasta salad with baby spring vegetables and play games that bring the season into the party (like pin the petal on the flower)


Summer is one big party onto itself, isnt it? But you can still celebrate in the classroom with a summer-themed party that welcomes summer break. The theme might be water fun, with inexpensive beach balls everywhere, or it might be a more unique theme, like lemonade. Decorate a lemonade stand, and create games that incorporate lemons and lemonade (lemon dunking, anyone?).

With a little imagination, you can bring the seasons right into the classroom through unique and fun class parties.