Sunday School Party Ideas for Christmas

Different ways to celebrate Christmas with your students.

As Christmas approaches, signs of the season are everywhere like in shopping malls, on television, and in public school classrooms. When children come to their Sunday school classes, they may be very excited about Santa Claus, school vacation, and the toys they hope to receive. It is important to help children keep in mind the reason we celebrate Christmas: to honor and remember the birth of Jesus!

One way to keep the season in perspective is to celebrate the season of Advent. Begin each Sunday school session in December by lighting an Advent candle. If possible, each child could be given an Advent calendar to open each day at home with his or her family. This also encourages families to start a daily devotion time that will hopefully carry into the new year.

Consider storytelling as one of your Sunday school party ideas. There is a widely circulated story that children enjoy hearing that recounts the legend of the candy canes origin. The Gospel accounts of the birth of Jesus can be read out of the Bible, or for younger children, out of an illustrated childrens Bible or storybook.

The spirit of Giving is usually a theme at many Sunday school Christmas parties. Students can participate in a food drive or can collect Toys for Tots. They could also sponsor a child from a Salvation Army Christmas tree as a class project. Small artificial trees can be decorated for the shut-in members of the church, or the children can go caroling at a local hospital or nursing home. Another idea is for the class to be a Secret Santa for a member of the congregation who might need special prayers, love, or material items.

Other Sunday school party ideas include singing Happy Birthday to Jesus and serving a birthday cake. Many Sunday school teachers also like to give small gifts to their students. Examples of inexpensive, yet meaningful gifts are miniature New Testaments, candy canes, and small Christian picture books, which can be found in dollar stores around Christmastime.

With some preparation, Sunday school teachers can help children to look past the rampant messages of materialism at Christmastime. Its important to help children to remember that Jesus is the reason for the season!