Valentines Day School Party Ideas

Easy Tips for Throwing a Love-ly Party

Valentines Day is a romantic holiday for adults, but for grade school kids, it is more fun to create a cheerful and friendly atmosphere. Kids tend to associate Valentines Day with chocolate, candy, and hearts. Here are some school party ideas to make Valentines Day both fun and festive.

Try creating a fantasy-like atmosphere with all red or all white decorations and table settings. Serve heart shaped cakes, chocolate covered strawberries, finger sandwiches, and red punch mixed with strawberry sherbet to drink.

To keep the kids busy, hand out small finger bowls or paper cups with a solution of equal amounts of baking soda and water. Give them a cotton swab and a piece of blank paper and have them write a secret Valentine note. When they are finished writing their secret letters, have each child exchange papers with another child. Pass out paper towels that have been lightly soaked in grape juice and have the kids rub their blank pieces of paper with the paper towels. The secret message should pop out before their eyes.

Another great party idea is to bring plain heart cookies and let the kids decorate their own. A couple cans of ready-made frosting, some gel tubes for writing, and a variety of candy will decorate dozens of cookies and keep the kids busy for quite a while. Wrap each cookie in cellophane for an instant party favor.

For a quick and easy Valentines game, give each child a handful of conversation hearts. Place a desk or table in the front of the classroom and have each child lay a heart on the table one by one to create funny sentences. Each time a heart is put down the child has to say the sentence back to the class. This game is sure to bring lots of giggles from kids and adults alike.

School parties rarely last longer than an hour, so with just a little bit of effort and a small amount of money, you can use these Valentines Day school party ideas to make this special day fun and exciting for everyone.