Winter School Party Ideas

Create an easy winter wonderland in the classroom!

The holidays are such a wonderful time of year and school-aged kids know that the holiday break is right around the corner. You can help make their last days of school before break special by throwing a spectacular winter wonderland party right in their classroom.

Cover all of the tables with snow white table cloths and sprinkle silver glitter in a line in the center of the tables. Add white tableware to the serving table and place your treats in the middle, letting small amounts of glitter shine through.

Cut out large snowflakes from white tissue paper and hang from the ceiling with string and paper clips. Hang at different heights to add interest. You may also want to hang different sizes of clear Christmas tree ornaments in the same fashion. The lights will make the bulbs sparkle.

Take a pretty glass punch bowl and rub the rim with half of a lemon. Pour a bag of shredded coconut onto a paper bag. Turn the punch bowl over and dip the rim of the bowl into the coconut flakes. Fill the punch bowl with blue fruit punch. Place the punch bowl in the middle of the serving table. Finish the look by weaving a white garland throughout the food and punch bowl for an absolutely fabulous center piece.

For party food, you can make little snowmen treats by gluing two marshmallows together with icing and using decorating gel to make cute snowman faces. The kids will enjoy dipping marshmallows in warm milk and dry gelatin to make their own sugar plums. Miniature tree cakes make cute take-home treats when given along with a couple of pieces of candy. You could even make the kids feel special by serving adult cocktail foods such as mini pigs in a blanket, cocktail meatballs, crackers with meat and cheese, and fancy vegetables with ranch dip.

To keep the kids entertained, have them make cute crafts such as evergreen trees out of Popsicle sticks or making and decorating their own ornaments with clay. They can then wrap these creations to give as gifts after the party.

By using these school party ideas, you can create a magical winter wonderland party that will be fun for all, even those who do not celebrate Christmas.